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The bronchial circulation also ported to body cells; CO2 enters the alveoli to be exhaled warms and humidifies incoming air and can form new ves- from the lungs amoxil 500 mg line antibiotics vs probiotics. Type II cells produce surfactant buy 500mg amoxil with mastercard bacteria 3 shapes, a lipoprotein sels and develop collateral circulation when normal vessels substance that decreases the surface tension in the alveoli and are blocked (eg, in pulmonary embolism). The alveoli also contain macrophages that helps to keep lung tissue alive until circulation can be help to protect and defend the lungs. The lungs are encased in a membrane called the pleura, Capillaries in the lungs are lined by a single layer of ep- which is composed of two layers. Once thought to be a pas- adheres to the surface of the lung, is called the visceral sive conduit for blood, it is now known that the endothelium pleura. The outer layer, which lines the thoracic cavity, is performs several important functions. The potential space between the rier that prevents leakage of water and other substances into layers is called the pleural cavity. Second, it participates in the transport of respi- allows the layers to glide over each other and minimizes ratory gases, water, and solutes. The lungs expand and relax in response to changes in pres- Nitric oxide also regulates smooth muscle tone in the sure relationships (intrapulmonic and intrapleural pressures). Elastic tissue in the bronchioles and alveoli allows the lungs When pulmonary endothelium is injured (eg, by endotoxins to stretch or expand to accommodate incoming air. This abil- or drugs such as bleomycin, an anticancer drug), these func- ity is called compliance. The respiratory center is stimulated orders may be caused by agents that reach the system through primarily by increased CO2 in the fluids of the center. A lesser tract secretions, asthma, and other chronic obstructive pul- stimulus to the respiratory center is decreased oxygen in monary diseases). The cough reflex is especially important edema, acute respiratory distress syndrome) is associated because it helps protect the lungs from foreign particles, air with the release of histamine and other biologically active pollutants, bacteria, and other potentially harmful substances. These mediators often A cough occurs when nerve endings in the respiratory tract cause inflammation and constriction of the airways. Once injured, cellular functions are impaired (eg, decreased mu- Musculoskeletal System cociliary clearance). Common signs and symptoms of respira- tory disorders include cough, increased secretions, mucosal The musculoskeletal system participates in chest expansion congestion, and bronchospasm. Normally, the diaphragm and external inter- treatment may lead to cell necrosis or respiratory failure. The abdominal and internal intercostal muscles are the muscles of expiration. DRUG THERAPY In general, drug therapy is more effective in relieving respira- SUMMARY tory symptoms than in curing the underlying disorders that cause the symptoms. Major drug groups used to treat respi- Overall, normal respiration requires: ratory symptoms are bronchodilating and anti-inflammatory 1. Ventilation, in turn, requires decongestants, antitussives, and cold remedies (see Chap. Adequate diffusion of O2 and CO2 through the alveolar– capillary membrane. Where does the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide and pressure differences between gases on each side of occur? What are common signs and symptoms of respiratory dis- orders for which drug therapy is often used? Approximately 500 mL of air is inspired and expired with a normal breath (tidal volume); deep breaths or sighs occur 6 to 10 times SELECTED REFERENCES per hour to ventilate more alveoli. Pathophysiology: Concepts of altered health tives, and opioid analgesics, slow respiration. Discuss reasons for using inhaled drugs when istics of asthma and other bronchoconstrictive possible. Discuss the uses and effects of bronchodilat- term control of asthma symptoms.

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This way the two of you can work together to help each other get back to sleep discount amoxil 250 mg online infection humanitys last gasp. The child who shows the motivation to carry out these steps is close to being able to awaken from the sensation of a full bladder discount amoxil 500 mg overnight delivery antibiotic 93. Praise your child for positive behavior that will eventual- ly lead to a dry bed (see Star charts & reward systems). Examples of positive behavior include earlier bedtime to avoid Appendix 2: Tips for Dryer Nights 217 over-tiredness, getting up to go to the toilet at night, calling the parent if they have a wet patch, washing themselves after wet- ting and helping to change the bedding and their clothes 7. Parents need to talk to the child about bed-wetting The parents need to talk to their child about bed-wetting and let them know that lots of other kids wet their bed and they are not alone. The parents need to let their child know they love him/her, and that they understand how he/she feels. The child should be reminded that wetting the bed is not his or her fault. If the child has secondary nocturnal enuresis, the parent should ask the child to discuss what is both- ering him or her to determine if stress is the cause. Appendix 3: Guided Imagery Exercise This guided imagery exercise has two parts, the explanation and the guided imagery itself. It can also be useful to combine these explanations with pictures to further explain if at all possible. This bladder is similar to a water balloon, but, instead of holding water, it holds urine. The bladder has a doorway controlled by its muscles that hold the urine in and prevent it from leaking. When the bladder is full, it sends a message to tell the brain to open this door. In order for someone to be a boss of their urine, all these parts must work together. In other words, the kidneys must make the right amount of urine, the bladder must hold the urine and tell the brain when it is full, and then the brain must either tell the bladder to keep the door closed until morning or tell the child to wake up to use the toilet. Start by saying: your kidneys are a pee factory that makes urine during the day and night. Your bladder is a storage tank that holds the pee until it is time to put it in the toilet. There is a gate or muscle that holds the pee in the bladder until you are ready. During the day, you are in control of the gate, but at night, some of the pee has been sneaking out. When the bladder starts to fill up, you will control the gate when you are asleep, like you do when you are awake. The parent should have the child hold his or her urine as long as possible before urinating into a container on at least three separate occa- sions. Appendix 5: Hints On Prescribing & Administering Chinese Herbs to Children Many practitioners of Chinese medicine may think that it is difficult to prescribe and administer Chinese herbal medicinals internally to infants and children. For older children who can swallow them (including children with enuresis), I recommend administering Chinese herbal medicinals in the form of powdered extracts in capsules or ready-made medicines in pill form. It is also possible to use either alcohol- or glycerine- based tinctures. Personally, I prefer glycerine-based tinctures due both to their taste and freedom from alcohol. However, I know of practitioners who use nothing other than alcohol-based tinctures with seemingly excellent results. Such tinctures may either be purchased ready-made or may be made by the practitioner. If one uses some common sense and is not shy about prescribing and administering Chinese medicinals to babies and children, they will find this is not as difficult as many (including some doctors of Chinese medicine) might imagine. Appendix 6: Hints on Administering Acupuncture & Moxibustion to Children Acupuncture Some practitioners may be hesitant to needle young children. Likewise, many parents may be squeamish about their children being needled. However, in my experience, most children do quite well with acupuncture.

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